Blue Feather Web "Outta the Blue" Gifts

Horse Rescues, Dog Rescues, Animal Rescues - A New Avenue for Funding!

Blue Feather Web is creating giftable items for Horse Rescues, Dog Rescues or Any Animal Rescues or Causes.

We see the need for additional funding for your organization!  Let us create a funding campaign to share on Facebook or Amazon with your Logo or "Special Words" or a "Special Photos", that you would like to see on giftable items, such as coffee mugs, necklaces, bracelets, leggings, and a huge selection of giftable items that your supporters will love.

Blue Feather Web will create it for your group, organization, business, and website.  

Contact us with your image that you wish and we will create it from thin air.  

We will send 10% of all sales to you monthly at a paypal account for your organization.

Contact us today.  .

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