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Organizations - Blue Feather Web Creates YOUR Promotional Items FREE of Charge

Blue Feather Web creates your Organization's Promotional Items for Membership Support and to Support Your Cause.  For FREE.  No Design Charges and No Set Up Fees.

  • We Send You 10% of the Net Proceeds from all your sales from your Facebook Groups and Organization Pages.  Always on the 15th of the next Month.
  • Once Sales Grow to Over 100 items Your Organization gets 15%
  • All You Need to Do is give us the OK to Create your Mugs, Necklaces or T-Shirts and promotions items of your Logo and Mission Statement.
  • On the Same day your organization could be making money for your cause.
  • We post only 1x per day as not to clutter your page.  
  • Our Goals are the same as yours, to help your Organization GROW.  We Believe in YOU!

Easily create $100 per day with Larger Groups on Facebook.  We did this for one of the Organizations listed in our Collection here.  As you can see Animal Organizations are near and dear to our hearts.

This Collection Represents all of the Organizations that Blue Feather Web is helping to gain memberships, awareness of the cause and support from existing members.  

Contact us as soon as possible to have your items in Facebook or on your organizations website today.  On Facebook visit our Fan Page Blue Feather Web and Publishing.  

As you can see, animal organizations are our first love.

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