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Color Your Mug - Use Sharpies and Create Your Unique Mug

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Color Your Mug - Make it One of a Kind for Yourself, Friends, Family, Co-Workers.
The process is quite simple really but here are a few tips to making your Color Mugs:
  • Prep your mug by washing in warm soapy water and letting it dry.
  • Remove any residual oil from your hands and fingerprints with some rubbing alcohol. Also if you make a mistake use rubbing alcohol ASAP.
  • Be creative and have fun! Use NEON for bright vibrant colors. 
  • Bake your mugs in a 350° oven for about 30 minutes.
  • Once 30 minutes is up, turn oven off and let them cool inside the oven… slowly about an hour.
  • These mugs make great gifts for your friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers, neighbors too. Really, anyone who appreciates a little handmade artwork!  Or for those that wish to color it themselves for fun and relaxation!

Color Your World Mugs.  Watch for other designs coming soon.

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